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Please read before purchasing. If you are building a upper from a surplus parts kit do not attempt to swap out the sight base on this barrel for the used unit in your parts kit. The front sight bases are machined to each barrel and are not meant to be swapped out.

Each barrel includes an A1 front sight base mounted to the barrel along with a triangle hand guard end cap and barrel nut. Barrels Do Not include front sight post, detent or spring.




  • -20" Light weight profile barrel with chrome lined chamber and bore
  • -Parkerized chrome moly steel

  • -1:9 twist 5.56 Nato chamber This twist rate is good for a max. projectile weight of 69gr.

  • -.625" NON "F" marked sight base installed with taper pins and includes barrel nut and triangle hanguard end cap
  • -Made from 41v50 vanadium alloy milspec steel

  • -Has Rifle feed ramps and will only work in NON M4 feed ramped receivers

  • -1/2 x28 thread pattern

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    Excellent barrel. Went together great and looks perfect. Exactly what I was looking for at a great price.

    Outstanding piece of work. Just what the Doctor ordered for my retro build.

    Just installed this barrel on my Colt M16A1 parts kit a few days ago and then took the rifle out and fired it for the first time. Very accurate, the finish on the barrel is great, the sight base and barrel nut that come with it are great, so I have no issues with this product whatsoever. Additionally, it shipped and arrived quickly and was very well packaged. Great customer service and prompt email responses when I ordered and emailed. Wish every online transaction went this easy. This is a quality company with quality products if they're like my new barrel.

    I'm a former SOTIC qualified sniper and I ordered one of these for a retro build for fun. Zeroing took three clicks left after putting in a NM front post and setting to mechanical zero. I had no problems hitting a 300M center chest, standing every shot. In fact, I got tired of it hitting so well I went on to tougher stuff (clay pigeons at 300M+ benched and it was a killer bubba! I also needed an extra part for my build and they went above and beyond getting it for me. Just love this old school rifle now thanks to AR15! I'm reliving my youth!

    Great barrel at a great price. Super nice folks willing to go the extra mile. I did have the same front sight detent issue as the other customer. Run a proper size drill bit in it first BY HAND! Banged mine so hard trying to knock it out I loosened the sight post and ended up having to have tapered pins installed to tighten it back up but that was my fault. Otherwise it shoots great and holds reasonable groups. I would buy it again. Again super nice staff that don't talk down to you.

    An awesome barrel. Great XM Grey color matched my surplus upper perfectly and I'm one step closer to finishing my IDF M16A1 build!

    Bought one of these when they were on backorder. Super friendly and fast service even in this tough parts market. Excellent quality and shooting barrel- just make sure to clean out the front sight post detent hole, otherwise your detent will get stuck on the leftover burrs. Learned the hard way. Everything else is perfect and in spec. Final piece of my 603 clone.

    Ordered one of these barrels and is just what I needed for my retro build!

    I purchased a different company barrel and was disappointed with the quality of that barrel. I purchased this barrel and what a difference. Excellent quality. I'll be buying another one soon.

    Excellent Barrel. Went together perfectly and my retro build looks great and shoots even greater. OUTSTANDING SERVICE and support was the best thing about getting this barrel and the other period correct parts for my early M16 clone. I will do business here again and highly recommend them to everyone.

    Outstanding service, and quality products. I can see myself doing business with them again, and I would defiantly recommend them.

    Yeah Buddy! Very pleased as well and had no issues with assembly. Thanks AR-15 Sport :) Semper FI!

    I am so pleased with this barrel, not only did it get here in record time but I had absolutely no issues in assembly, thanks and I'm sure we'll be doing business again soon.
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